I don’t know James Frey and before his adventures with Oprah I had never heard of him. I also admit; I have never read one word he has written. Yet, he has been on my mind ever since I began my writing project last September and the echo of his name has been bouncing in my head (there’s a lot of room to move in there) since I started typing my life away.

My project is written in two distinct folds. The adult (1st fold) who tells the story of his childhood (second fold). I know this genre has been used before but I’m writing it differently; I’m writing it on an iPad! The adult part of my story is completely made up. Fiction. Fabulation. Invented.

The childhood part of the story is true. Completely. Totally. Absolutely. It is my childhood.

Long before I began to write, I promised myself I would describe my memories faithfully, just as I see them in my mind, just as I remember the events. I’m proud to report that my conscience is clear and I have remained true to my promise. However, given the fact that the full story is one part biography and one part fiction, I have yet to figure out exactly how I will present my project once it is completed. I guess it will come to me in due time.

I realize people will ask me to prove some or even all of my story at one point and that is where James really did those of us writing about our lives a terrible disservice when he fabricated dramatic events in his biography. I guess I can produce X-rays for my broken bones. The scars are still very much visible on my face. There are some documents from Social Services but they are incomplete .(It was the mid-seventies so, no computers! And no comments about my age either ok? I’m not 43 years old. I’m 25…with 18 years of experience!)

So I worry about the apprehensions from the people in the publishing industry, should of course my project generate some interest, one day, maybe, perhaps. Do they shy away from that kind of writing to avoid a deep fry à la Frey? Do they still trust people who sometimes go through years of pain writing their story and subject themselves to countless rejections afterwards? Will Annie ever come back to Daryl…oops sorry, shameless plug here.

Are there people in the industry, authors who have been published or any of you readers who could shed some light here?

Tell me what you think…

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