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Please read “About this project and the Author” for more information on my project. In this excerpt, Annie leaves…

“This last Saturday night, I had one of those moments where I completely disappeared inside of my own mind. We were watching a movie from which a scene triggered an intense reflexion on some memories. In the scene from the movie, a young boy had to move away from his neighborhood with his family and was saying goodbye to his best friend, another boy he had known his whole life. Although I’m not usually one to get overly emotional watching movies, this particular scene ignited something in me thanks to the little buggers cast to play those boys who were very good actors. I moved my head to the right and became completely oblivious to my surroundings as I revisited the many emotional moments in my distant past where I had to say goodbye to people I loved. Annie was lying on the couch with her head on my lap and she noticed I wasn’t watching the movie anymore so she paused it and observed me for a while. She broke the silence to ask me the question that launched our biggest argument to date, an argument at the very beginning of which I did the unthinkable and raised my voice at her for the first time in our relationship. This and my answer tipped her over the edge.

“Enough with this curiosity of yours about my damn past. For God sakes, leave it the hell alone already” I said in an exasperated tone.

Annie goes the other way when she gets mad. She keeps a normal tone of voice and measures every words she says. It’s quite something to experience really; instead of chasing you around with loud words, she’ll corner you with good ones. She does, however, get physically agitated and compulsively moves furniture around.

“If you told me once and for all what’s in that mysterious mind of yours perhaps I could understand you a little better. Then maybe, just maybe, I’d leave it the hell alone as you say” she said while moving the big chair in the living room. That chair is heavy even for me, but she lifted it and moved it about six feet to the left as easily as if she had moved a box of tissues.

“But no, not you. Not you, mister big shot radio host. You talk to your listeners, complete strangers might I add and spend the entire night reading meaningful stories to them about wonderful people who have breakthrough moments. People with good endings to bad stories.”

This time she went for the coffee table. Up it went and landed right in front of the big chair where it actually belongs.

“But can you say something meaningful or deep about yourself to me? Of course not, you only talk to people you can’t see and about people you don’t know. Safer this way, isn’t it?”

She walked to the bathroom to put on some hand lotion, came back in the living room and looked at me for a full minute while she rubbed her hands together and caught her breath.

“Where did you grow up Daryl?”

“Do you have any brothers or sisters Daryl?”

“Did you have any friends when you were a child Daryl?”

“Where did you go to school Daryl?”

“What is your mother’s name Daryl?”

Annie paused after each question and waited for a reaction from me. I just kept looking to my right as she stood and stared at me. Her breathing began to slow down and after a little while, she kneeled in front of me and put her hands over mine.

“I have cared about you from day one and soon after I began to love you. But you have to accept that I need to know you more in order to love you more” she said with a cracking voice before leaving for the bedroom.

I had a drink to help me clear my mind of what had just happened and went to join her in bed less than an hour later, hoping she had calmed down. I wrapped my arm around her and since she said nothing, I figured the fight was over. She must have waited for me to fall asleep to write the letter, put it on the pillow next to me and leave.

Annie had told me a few times that, as a publicity writer, she didn’t feel her creativity was quite challenged enough. She is actually very good with words and her note was quite the reminder of that…”

Don’t miss the next excerpt. It will be Annie’s note to Daryl…

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