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Please read “About this project and the Author” for more information on my project. In this excerpt, Daryl invites Annie to his place for dinner…

“We went out on the traditional three dates before anything intimate happened. Three dates is usually enough time spent together to know there is something to explore and, for those blessed with an intelligence at least above that of a fern, short enough a time to avoid saying or doing anything that could ruin the evening faster than she can say “Check, please”. Women can be as perceptive as they can be unpredictable. One insensitive word, one unfortunate wise crack or even a seemingly innocent phrase blurred out in the wrong tone could send you home alone after getting a very cold handshake from a woman thanking you for a “very friendly time” when only a few moments earlier, you were mentally padding yourself on the back for having changed the bedsheets that very morning.

Luckily, I was able to walk unharmed the mine field that are the initial dates and the first night Annie and I spent together was nothing short of magic.

I had invited her at my place for dinner so I could try and impress her with my cooking skills. I planned the menu ahead of time and to test the old saying that practice makes perfect, I cooked that same meal three times earlier the week to make sure it wasn’t a fiasco on the Saturday. By the time we sat down for dinner, or my fourth serving of the exact same meal in less than a week, the food was unbelievably good for her but I had to concentrate real hard not to gag at each bite. I knew how crucial the dessert course would be to my guest, so I opted to turn to the professionals and picked up a cake I had ordered from the nearby bakery, soon to become “our bakery”. She found the whole thing hilarious, but later told me she was deeply touched my thoughtfulness.
The setting was perfect. There was no pressure coming either from outside or from us, we were alone in quiet environment and we both genuinely wanted to be there. Even my worries about the fact that I was twelve years older than she was were put to rest. When I asked her how she felt about my age, her answer was “Why? Are you a cheese?”

It seemed as though it happened by itself, naturally. Annie was holding back just enough to keep me wanting more, but not so much as to make me doubt she was enjoying the moment. We found our rhythm almost immediately and I got truly lost in her eyes for the first time as we stared at each other not only the entire time we made love but also after when we laid on our sides, facing each other, whispering, because talking normally would have been inappropriate in the circumstances. That is when she chose to ask for the first time specifically where had I grown up. I told her I just wanted to enjoy the present moment and redirected the conversation back to her.

As time passed, I ran out of ways to avoid the subject, so my only response became to gradually shut down all of those around me, Annie included…”

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