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Please read “About this project and the Author” for more information on my project. Daryl describes Annie…

“Anyway, back to Annie. She would come in to work very early, which I assumed at the time was because she wanted to see the guys from the morning show, the real stars of the station. It turned out that Annie had been a longtime listener of mine and came in to work much earlier than her scheduled hours because she wanted to see what I was like in person. Early in the course of our conversations, which began on her third day, I noticed the way she was looking me. Some looks aren’t meant to be friendly. We always talked while pouring cream and sugar, in her case a ridiculous amount of sugar, in our coffees in the employees lounge. As the days passed, I found myself looking forward to the end of my production meeting so I could rush to the lounge and be with her. It started with small talk but pretty soon we were standing by the coffee machine for extended periods which inevitably made one cup of coffee grow into two, then three. I would go home to get some sleep afterwards but stayed wide awake for hours high on caffeine.

Thanks to our conversations, I learned that she grew up with three brothers and never really knew her father. She lives for cake and pastries, which you’d never know by looking at her body. I was delighted when I discovered she hated reality TV just as much as I did and thanks to her older brothers, loved seventies and eighties music. These conversations lasted for about a week when one morning, out of the blue and in a faked serious tone said “Annie, I think it’s time we moved this relationship to the next level”. She seemed puzzled and hesitantly let out an extended “Ok” with a slight frown. “Yes. You and I have been standing by the coffee machine for our little chats long enough now and I think we’re beyond that. She clued in and began playing along “Really? You think so?” “Absolutely”, I said. “I think this thing between us is serious enough to sit at a table from now on. Plus this coffee machine has heard everything we’ve said to each other so far and it has been known to spill the beans around here.” She laughed and answered “Well, I guess that’s where we are.” On our way to a table at the back of the longe, she floored me with her next line. “But I hope you have protection, because God only knows how many people you’ve sat with at tables before me”.

What seemed to be a playful back and forth between us at the time, was a real step forward in our relationship because our words were more meaningful from that point on. Although, I would always be careful to keep the conversation focused on her and as much as possible about the present or at the most, about a fairly recent past.

Annie has a very soft voice and when she speaks to you, no matter where you are, she can make time stop and everybody else around disappear. I had conversations with women before but it seemed there was always an angle to it, a little something expected in return. It was selfish, either on their part or mine. With Annie when we talked, I was actually receiving her words, processing them and I couldn’t help how good the sound of her voice made me feel. It was filled with peace, with kindness. This, later in our relationship, I got to tell her and when I did, she was so touched her eyes filled with tears. Seeing that moment, is seeing Annie…”

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