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Please read “About this project and the Author” for more information on my project. In this rewrite of the end of the previous excerpt, Daryl reveals which words changed his outlook on life…

“Despite all I had, there was nothing I could see or sense in my surroundings to convince me to come out of my shell. I kept myself in some sort of slow motion mode socially and did everything I could to stay as quiet and out of trouble as possible. Something had to happen to shake me out of this torpor and after all the drama I had seen in the last four years, after all the moves and countless moments filled with intense emotions, it is only fitting that all it took was a short sentence. The words that would change my entire outlook on life came one evening during dinner. I don’t know how the subject turned to all of the families I had visited in the previous four years, but it did. I must have said something that revealed my fears which prompted my mother to say the magic words as she looked me in the eyes.

“We’re keeping you Daryl, no matter what.”

When I had moved in with my new family, I had become Daryl H. The moment I heard those words, I became Daryl Heart…

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