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Please read “About this project and the Author” for more information on my project. In this excerpt, Daryl meets his fifth family…

“Giles and I sat in the cafeteria to wait for them together. He was usually the one by our side during these moments. There was something about Giles that could calm us down in situations like the one I was experiencing and his presence alone was enough to make waiting bearable. The educators knew exactly what was happening inside of us at that exact time. They knew our minds were racing as fast as our hearts. I had spent the whole day hoping for this moment while at the same time dreading it. I had the maturity to know that in the few hours to come, I had to do the best I could to make a good first impression on the people I was about to meet. I had lived through similar moments many time before yet that, somehow, felt different. There was an excitement I hadn’t experienced before, a confidence I had never felt.

And then just like that, I heard the side door leading to the back yard opening behind us and people walking in. I was no longer excited or confident; I was paralyzed by fear. I couldn’t even find the strength to turn around and look at them.

Giles noticed I was frozen in my chair and said “They’re here, you want to stand and and say hello?”

I managed to get up but kept my head down while I turned around. I took a deep breath and when I finally gathered enough courage to raise my chin and look at my new family, I stood there unable to assimilate what I was seeing. It was…”

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