About this project and the Author

Update as of May 2014:

The French version of my book, Citoyen de Ville Joie, Souvenirs d’un orphelin is now available on all major online book retailers!

As for the English version, Citizen of Ville Joie, Memories of an orphan, it should be available in the fall of 2014…

Update as of May 2013:

Citizen of Ville Joie will now be a biography only. I have come to the conclusion that I no longer need the use of the “biography-through-fiction” format to relay the emotions of my story.

Thank you for your support!

Now, as for the subject of my project.

At the age of six, I was taken to an orphanage called Ville Joie, which means Happy Town. In the four years that followed, I was sent to five pre-adoption homes, which means I have stayed with a total of six different families in my youth. In between my stays with these families, I would return to Ville Joie while I waited, hoped and yes, feared that a family would come and take me away. This period of my life was filled with intense emotions as I encountered many people with good hearts as well as some with no souls.

On this blog I will post sentences from my project as it evolves. Let me know what you think but remember, this is only the first draft and as Justice Brandeis said : “There is no great writing, only great rewriting”.

And yes, it is me in the picture at the top of the page. If I remember correctly, it was taken about a thousand years ago.

Enjoy your stay,


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17 thoughts on “About this project and the Author”

  1. I just started to read… I know already some of your story but I never had access to the ”how it felt for you” to go through all this. We are all followed closely by our broken past history. Yours so different than mine…I love you and I always be there for you. Good luck in this journey! So far, just let your mind and heart go. It sounds perfect just as it is!
    J.M :) xxxx

  2. i like the way you are approaching this project…good luck on your journey to the finished product

  3. Cool :) I’m working on a writing project too! A story and two blogs, keeps me busy, on top of my extensive english homework and 1-3 hours of skating each day. (In true Canadian style) but I love your blog, its so well written!

  4. Hey.. I just happened to read your comment on the Rachel Bertsche article.
    Your thought really motivated me to keep doing wht I have just started.This blogging thing fr me is actually talking to my innerself..Glad that someone else thinks the same aswell… Thanks alot. :)
    And yeah, Well honestly speaking..great blog u have here..gave me goosebumps for r3al..I ll sure be following it :)

  5. Hi Steve. I’m Rye from the Philippines, glad to see how you are engaged in a writing exercise. I’m doing something similar myself with the tarot writing challenge in my blog, maybe it’s something you’d like to drop by one day? :)

  6. Steve – I almost can’t bear to hear about the family you went to live with. It’s vivid writing you’re doing. Great job – so much so that when your post comes through, I stop what I’m doing and read it. I even read a post of yours on my Blackberry the other week when I was at Alton Towers! How’s that?

    • You are most kind Nikki. I won’t lie to you, what is coming is very difficult, maybe even more for people like you who have children. Amazingly, it is pretty easy to write. I have come to accept that this is my past nad regardless of all the scars I bear from it, I am at peace. The challenge is to write it in a way that doesn’t spells “poor me” (or poor Daryl!) but more to tell people what the madness of some can do to the lives of others.
      I truly appreciate your support Nikki. It means the world to me and I aspire to reach the level you have reached…to have my words out there and touch people. Aren’t we lucky to have that dream?

      • Just re-read my own comment… What did we say about “proofreading”? Good Lord!!!! A comment doesn’t really count as “literature” does it?

      • We are lucky indeed. Just caught up with your last couple of blog posts. I think you’re so brave getting it all out – but it’s vital for so many reasons. I have the greatest admiration for you.

      • Thank you so much Nikki. I felt a heads up was in order. Let’s all brace ourselves!!!
        I read your tweets from Nibley Festival, looks like you had a great time!

      • Thanks for the heads up. Just read the first ‘new parents’ post, and my goodness, what you went through. And yet here you are today. Steve – you the man! (PS Nibley was brilliant – we had such a laugh. Played many a practical joke, too…)

      • Yes Nikki, here I am today!
        I just saw the picture you tweeted of your book…so amazing. What a feeling it must be! I am thrilled for you!

        P.S. I’ll take the hug!

      • It does feel weird, I must say, holding your own book. I can’t stop staring at it – it’s like a newborn baby!

        Will be looking out for your next post – you’re doing an amazing job. Think that deserves another hug!

  7. Vivid. Moving. Like pulling a scab off a half healed wound. Nancy Hartney

  8. Deborah Ferris said:

    Undeniable, penetrating, abrasive (immediately tears off the scab of protection), heart pulling, gut wrenching and truth bounding journey you have so profoundly registered. From one to another, I salute your courage. It is no easy task to step back into a time in ones past so unappealing, to put it mildly, and even more difficult to capture a reader willing to join you…you are amazing!

    • Thank you so much Deborah. The journey at the time was quite something…but the journey I am on right now, writing, exchanging ideas and thoughts with people from all over the world, now that is journey worth taking. I am very touched by your kind words and I am thrilled you enjoy the story!

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